February 1987 Accountancy Magazine reported on the Mock Commissioners’ meeting

This was run by North West London Chartered Accountants of which Alan Solomons was chairman for two years. This was Alan’s idea and he organised it. Having been chair of one of the 5 tax discussion groups previously. His was the only one that survived and had 50 to 60 members attending each month when the main meetings of NWLCA had between 20 and 40. The mock commissioners’ main meeting had 173 members attending. It raised £800 for charity worth £2,335 in 2020. Several of those acting out the various roles did these roles in their daily work lives:

  • Jock Worsley – The Vice President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants  – the appellant
  • Basil Sabine – ex-District Inspector and Commissioner of the Manx Government – the appellant’s representative
  • H. Cargill – the Clerk to the Commissioners in Harrow – the clerk to the mock commissioners
  • John Curtis – District inspector at Pinner – the Inspector
  • Albert Wisepart JP – Chairman of the mock commissioners
  • Leonard Wright – ex – Principal Inspector of Taxes – a mock commissioner
  • Alan Solomons – Chairman of NW London Chartered Accountants – mock commissioner
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